KU to share proposed improvements to recreation field in Central 

LAWRENCE — The University of Kansas is in the final year of construction of the Central District development project. One element of the project is the recreation field located adjacent to 19th Street between the new Cora Downs Residence Hall and the new Stouffer Place Apartments. The initial design only involved construction of the field with associated netting and fencing. However, there is current interest in adding a restroom/storage facility, scoreboard and field lighting.

In accordance with the City of Lawrence/University of Kansas Cooperation Agreement, the university is informing owners of property adjacent to the Central District and other interested parties about these proposed improvements. A public meeting regarding the improvements will take place at 6 p.m. Sept. 20 at the St. Andrews Office Facility, 1515 St. Andrews Drive, Room 25. The purpose of the public meeting is to provide information about the proposed improvements and receive comments.

If you are interested in viewing the proposed plan in advance of the meeting, please contact Facilities Planning and Development at (785) 864-3431.

Campus Operations serves the needs of faculty, staff, students, and visitors. Department responsibilities range from constructing, renovating, operating, and maintaining a safe, accessible, reliable, healthy, and esthetically pleasing campus environment, to providing campus parking and transit, to protecting the environment. Campus Operations strives to support KU’s mission to educate leaders, build healthy communities, and make discoveries that change the world.

The office is comprised of:

·    Business Operations

·    Center for Sustainability

·    Design & Construction Management

·    Energy Management

·    Facilities Services

·    Parking and Transit

·    Space Management

Updates to campus-wide recycling and trash collections

Campus Planning and Sustainability at the University of Kansas would like to provide an update to the campus community regarding trash and recycling services. I appreciate all the cooperation and support we’ve received so far to bring deskside recycling across campus.

Set-up of the new deskside recycling program is nearly complete in the North and Central District buildings of the Lawrence campus and will be set up in West District buildings through the fall semester.

Under this system, employees are provided with a recycling container and a 3-quart “mini” trash bin and are asked to empty both containers into centralized recycling and landfill containers located in common areas inside their building. Additional information can be found at the recycle.ku.edu website.

If additional centralized collection containers are needed in your building, please submit a work request and KU Recycling will assess the location and determine the best solution that meets your needs and those of your co-workers and colleagues.

As of August 14, Facilities Services staff are collecting both trash and recycling from centralized locations inside buildings, as well as from outdoor receptacles. KU Recycling will no longer be collecting from these locations. If you experience an overflow of materials at a central collection container in your building, please submit a Facilities Services work request and use the closest room number to identify the location.

If a special collection is required — such as used toner/ink cartridges, books, or office clean-outs — please submit a service request.  

Recycling Reminders

All accepted recyclable materials can be placed in the recycling bin as part of our single-stream recycling program. Please see our single-stream recycling guidelines for a list of items that can be recycled. Unfortunately, plastic bags, disposable coffee cups and Styrofoam are not recyclable through this program and should be placed in landfill containers.  

Small amounts of cardboard can be placed in the centralized recycling containers as well. If you have larger quantities of cardboard to be collected, please submit a service request, and KU Recycling will schedule a pick-up. Some buildings do have central locations for cardboard collections. Please visit the KU Recycling website for an updated list of these locations.

Thank you for being an essential partner in reducing waste at the University of Kansas! Should you have further questions, please contact KU Recycling at kurecycling@ku.edu or visit our Recycle FAQ page.

Jeff Severin
Director of Campus Planning and Sustainability

Service Request

Please call 864-4770 for assistance.